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(3 in 1) Post Pregnancy Abdominal Binder

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Product Descriptions

It is recommended that you sleep in this binder. The material is specially designed to be comfortable on your skin.
It can be stretched to fit the natural curves of your body.
Additional tightening straps on binders two (the belly binder) and binder three (the pelvic binder) can be pulled for extra comfort and compression.
Covers your entire abdomen so you won’t have any part spilling out from top or bottom
Effectively tightens and flattens your postpartum belly and aids recovery your pelvis
Very smooth and soft to wear on the body
Offers great back support
Easy to wear and adjust, a feeling best experienced than imagined
Made from stretchable, breathable, and lightweight materials
Invisible under clothing for a discreet look; It actually wraps on your body and becomes almost invincible underneath clothes.
Especially helpful after a C-section
Comfortable for your skin

Pack contains three Compression binders. Binder 1 is the sternum binder which fits underneath the breast areas. Binder 2 is the belly binder which rests on the belly area and Binder 3 is the Pelvic Binder which sits on the pelvic.
To Use: Apply binder one first, then binder two and then binder three allowing each one rest just a little on the one before it.
You don’t have to put on all three pieces every time; for some women, one area requires more attention, for others, all three parts are important. This binder gives you the freedom to choose where you want to concentrate and know that there are options.
Size Guide
Choose your post pregnancy abdominal binder based on your present tummy size (measure round your navel/belly button):
Medium – size 33 to 37 inches
Large – size 38 to 42 inches
Extra Large – size 42.5 to 47 inches.
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