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Herbsng Avocado Oil (30ml)

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Product Descriptions

  • Avocado oil can also be used to
    prevent arterial walls damage which in turn lowers the heart risk disease caused
    by plaque deposits because it is anti-inflammatory

  • Avocado oil comprises of minerals,
    vitamins and monounsaturated fatty acid which help the digestive tract to
    process food more easily and efficiently for those that experience regular
    heart burn, abnormal high amount of gas and constipations on a steady basis.

  • Avocado oil is a very good source of
    vitamin E, it is essentially great for improving the skin and eye health,
    strengthening the immune system, improve memory and mental health, provide
    defense against oxidative damage to cells caused by free radicals in addition
    to increasing the overall efficiency of the digestive system

  • The high content of oleic acid in
    avocado oil stimulates weight loss especially when it is been combined with
    healthy diet and regular exercise
  •  Avocado oil is thick and packed with
    powerful nutrients that helps to keep a longer satisfied appetite and also
    improve digestion thereby aids

  • Avocado oil powerful content like
    vitamins, minerals  helps to boost the
    skin ability to more, nourishes both inside and outside the body and promote
    stronger cell in the body.

  • The rich nutrient in avocado oil
    helps to promote faster growth of a new hair and improve both the appearance
    and structure of existing hair, making it fuller and healthier
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